Not Quite A Polka

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"Do you get what Pinkie Pie's doing?"

"No one ever does. But remember the parasprites? She was acting all cryptic, and then she showed up as a one-pony band and saved the day. We'll be fine."

With decent start, old spirits produced stagnation (8)

At first, Bond and me returned as spy ring for a foreign mission (7)

Homeless vagrants who lost head, heartless boxes (6)

Steer far, trim prickly bushes (8)

Close to nature or anxiety getting a new good start (7)

One who spoils election, mostly external (8)

Like snake, imprisoned purchaser pent in exasperation (10)

A subtle mix-up produced Portuguese city (7)

Seized half, left following pointy permanent markers (8)

Spend time doing nothing for relaxed durations (3 6)

Novel audit adjustment is sacrosanct (10)

Contaminated villa source relating to chickenpox (11)

Campaign tour is how a soccer match might end? (7-4)

Sounds like I spelled out an award (4)

Extreme Arctic or Antarctic (5)

This ultimately belongs to that guy (3)

Loud noise from eagle's head to eat (4)

Diverse diversified saviour (7)

Fast troops, oddly, produced a camera setting (1-4)

Fools speckles around central Ireland (5)

Yellow Pegasi without flapping wings make frightened movements (5)

She heals every other Water Pokemon (4)

Missouri edges away investments from dirt pile (5)

Brought together flyers (6)

Yearns for covers of love songs (5)

I hear a clock sound like an unconscious quirk (3)


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