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Applejack takes a look around the TARDIS, while Doctor Whooves fiddles with some dials. "So, Doctor Whooves, where ya'll from? Before Ponyville."

"Please, just call me the Doctor. I move around a lot, but these days I live in the capital of an old Empire. It's got a great history. At one point in time, it controlled territory in nearly every zone of the planet!"

  • Speedy invasion of this colony by an enemy empire allowed it to invade the Empire's crown jewel by land, but the Empire defeated that invasion and later reconquered this colony.
  • Exclusive settlement by non-convicts made this state capital in the Empire's continental Dominion unique.
  • External territory of the Empire's continental dominion that is named after a winter holiday.
  • Winning a war over drugs gave the Empire control of this important trading port, but its eventual return signaled the end of the Empire.
  • Inside the Empire's oldest Dominion, this city is the most populous in its province and is the second most populous city in the Western part of the Dominion.
  • Known as the capital of the crown jewel of the Empire.
  • Island where a slave revolt and its brutal suppression contributed to the Empire abolishing slavery a few years later.
  • Port city used by the Empire to control passage between its namesake gulf and a colored sea.
  • Each of the major islands of this antipodal Dominion, which is often forgotten on maps, is named for a cardinal direction
  • Developing massively since it was a protectorate of the Empire, this city is the most populous within a federation of seven members.
  • Interestingly, this province in the Empire's oldest Dominion is shaped like a rectangle.
  • An important city on the west coast of the Empire's oldest Dominion, though curiously not on the nearby island that shares its name.
  • Located between two seas, this waterway linked the Mother Country to many of her colonies, including her crown jewel.
  • In the Empire's continental Dominion this large region is not a state and does not contain a large city.
  • Several convoys were assembled at this naval port in the Empire's oldest Dominion for transit to the Mother Country in two major wars.
  • This provincial capital in the Empire's oldest Dominion is named for a famous monarch of the Empire.
  • On account of it serving as a fleet base, this far Northern city in the Empire's continental Dominion was bombed by the enemy during a major war.
  • Furthest North provincial (not territorial) capital in the Empire's oldest Dominion.
  • Underpopulated and remote island that may sometimes be confused for the state within a country that successfully rebelled against the Empire, or the country bordering the largest country and a colored sea.
  • This island in the Empire's oldest Dominion contains a provincial capital and shares its name with its province's most populous city.
  • City equidistant from the West and East Coasts of the Empire's oldest Dominion, which is also the capital and by far the most populous city in its province.
  • This major trading port controls a vital shipping lane between two oceans and was the site of one of the Empire's greatest surrenders.
  • Island located in the center of the Middle Sea that was the base for the Empire's fleet in said sea.
  • Many islands comprise this territory of the Empire's antipodal Dominion, and these islands are named after the Empire's famous explorer of the largest ocean.
  • Even though it is the most populous city in the Empire's continental Dominion and the capital of its most populous state, it is not the capital of the Dominion.
  • Off the coast of the Empire's crown jewel, this strategic island was used to base one of the Empire's fleets during a major war.
  • Formerly the most populous and now the second most populous city in the Empire's oldest Dominion, and one that speaks the language of the Empire's greatest rival.
  • First overseas colony of the Empire, this aptly named island took a long time to join its neighboring Dominion.
  • Surprisingly, this archipelago was jointly ruled by a condominium between the Empire and its greatest rival.
  • Essentially a giant rock, this territory was seized from an Imperial rival, and was used by the Empire used to guard the entry into a major sea.
  • Though not an Imperial territory, but owned by its oldest ally, this island group was used by the Empire to secure passage through its ocean in a major war.
  • Small country which borders the Empire's crown jewel and is the source of a famous (or infamous) class of soldiers.

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